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 My Charries

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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: My Charries   December 21st 2010, 8:56 am

Name:Penny James




Hair Color:She has super straight, blond, hair that goes to the small of her back. Her hair is a light blond. Her bangs go to her shoulders, so she pulls the m behind her ears or puts her hair in a high pony tail with a basic pony tail holder which is always pink.

Eye Color:She has piercing blue eyes that go perfectly with her light blond hair. She has long eyelashes that she doesn't really like.

Height:Penny has a height of a shortish five feet and four inches. She was never tall as a kid and she was made fun of.

General build:She is super skinny. People say she's a tooth pick. It's a metaphor of how skinny she is and she doesn't like it when she is called that.

Personality:She can be very nice, kind, caring, trustworthy, and honest. She isn't brave at all. She is rather shy, until you get to know her. She hates it when you call her a tooth pick or vertically challenged. She cares about animals from the cat family particularly. Penny cares about her skin, but not really the rest of her appearance like her hair and make-up.

History:She's always been out of the way, she liked it that way. The only one she ever talked to is her twin sister (I shall make her later). Penny never liked her real name, Penelope, She thought it had been too fancy, so she told everyone to call her Penny. Instead of getting close to people, she got close to wild cats. Penny and her sister were raised on the streets from age three to age thirteen. She was then taken to an orphanage and adopted shortly after. Jer and her sister ran away a couple months ago and headed to the north district.

Family:The only real family that she has left is her sister Nessa. Her parents dies in a plane crash. And she doesn't want to get close to her adoptive parents so she's not close to them, so she only talks to them when she absolutely has to. Her uncle and aunt have never met her. She doubts they know she exists, or even cares.

District:The North District

Animal form:She transforms into a Javan Leopard. A javan leopard is a peopard from the country of Java. This is her favorite animal so it only makes sense.

Animal Fur color:Her fur color is oh a tan color, no wait it's a very light brown. She has a lot of spots of all sizes. She has small spots, medium sized spots, and big spots. Her spots are a very intense shade of black.

Animal Eye color:Her Javan Leopard eyes are a piercing green that can even be seen in the greenest of forests.


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PostSubject: Re: My Charries   December 21st 2010, 10:04 pm


Penelope Yargin, the Red Fox. West District.
"Yes, I do speak sarcasm,"

Grason Michel, the African Lion. South District. King of the Lion Shifters.
"..........I don't talk much.."

Mira Joella, The Indian Desert Cat. North District.
"What do you want?!"

Sean Millers The African Painted Dog. East District.
"Is there a motorcycle shop around here?...No I odn't know how to ride one, why does that matter?"

Bellina Maarx. The Fennec Fox. East District.
"Sure...I'll buy it for you..."
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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: My Charries   December 31st 2010, 7:03 am

Name:Nessa James
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
General build:
Animal form:
Animal Fur color:
Animal Eye color:

Not Done.
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PostSubject: Re: My Charries   

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My Charries
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