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 Spades' Characters

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PostSubject: Spades' Characters   December 19th 2010, 7:52 pm

Oh goody, time to do the awkward action of slowly integrating into the forum. I hate being a newb.

Devan Price
November 21, 1995
Hair Color:
Devan's hair colour is a pale blonde. It basically straight, but with a slight wave. It falls past her shoulders and has a bit of a fluffy quality to it. She has a fringe that tends to get in her eyes.
Eye Color:
Her eyes are a dark blue and have a deep sea feel to them. They're a bit wider then most and are evenly spaced.
General build:
Devan has a lithe figure. While not generally strong, she's a good sprinter and has larger lungs then average.
Devan is more of a quiet person. She is quite shy and spends most of her time thinking with a dazed expression on her face. Devan can frighten easily but during situations that require courage she can keep on her brave face due to strong will and keep her cool. She doesn't trust easily and will defend her self if necessary.
Devan was born in London, England to a not-so-loving mother and father. Promptly after her father left. She grew up there, living with her mother and grandmother in her grandmother's house, her grandmother was the only who really cared for her. They managed to scrape by and Devan just managed to get an education.
A couple days after her thirteenth birthday Devan's grandmother passed away and that's when every thing started to go down hill. Her mother spent more money on alcohol and less time with her. Eventually they couldn't afford the house for much longer, so they sold it and moved to New York. After about a year Devan was walking down the street at night and was about about to be mugged. So she ran. And that's when she first shifted, in her need to get away. Her mother found out and was horrified at what Devan had become. They became even more distant with Devan's mother growing hate for her daughter.
After another year Devan couldn't take it anymore and left one night. She ran away. Spent most of her time shifted and eventually stumbled upon the Abandonded City.
I suppose you could say she has family. Devan has a mother, that's it. She lives in some cheap apartment somewhere in New York and her best friend is alcohol. You can see why she left.
Animal form:
Devan takes the form of a Serval, a smaller African wild cat.
Animal Fur color:
Devan's fur is a more brown colour with a golden sheen, speckled with dark spots and stripes.
Animal Eye color:
Her animal eye colour is the same deep blue as normally. It has great contrast against the backround of her fur colour. Her nose is black along with the pads of her paws.
Since Devan originally came from England she has a slight accent, wheeee~
(The personality's probably going to be role played badly, staying within a regulated personality is not my forte.)

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PostSubject: Re: Spades' Characters   December 20th 2010, 2:57 pm

Accepted ^^

Penelope Yargin, the Red Fox. West District.
"Yes, I do speak sarcasm,"

Grason Michel, the African Lion. South District. King of the Lion Shifters.
"..........I don't talk much.."

Mira Joella, The Indian Desert Cat. North District.
"What do you want?!"

Sean Millers The African Painted Dog. East District.
"Is there a motorcycle shop around here?...No I odn't know how to ride one, why does that matter?"

Bellina Maarx. The Fennec Fox. East District.
"Sure...I'll buy it for you..."
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Spades' Characters
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