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 Lyca's characters

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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Lyca's characters   August 22nd 2010, 12:49 pm

Lantana (Lanny) Marchovi

15 years old
November 19, 1994
Hair Color:
Her hair is a dark shade of black with bits of a darker brown. It goes about four inches past her shoulders. Her hair is rather straight most of the time, but in humidity it does have a bit of curl to it. She has long bangs that hang in her face a bit and slightly cover her eyes, which is why they're so long. Her hair has a healthy look to it and has that beautiful glow you see in commercials. Lanny often get irritated with it, especially when it's curled from the humidity, and she'll often pull it back somehow.
Eye Color:
Lanny has beautiful, almond shaped eyes. Her eye color is the most unique thing about her, except for being a Shifter. Around her pupil is a beautiful shade of gold. And right after the thin layer of gold is a bright shade of purple. They shine in the light and are actually very beautiful. However, Lanny doesn't think so. This is why she often tries to hide them behind her bangs.
General Appearance:
Lanny has a sweet, heart shaped face. Her cheeks and nose are freckled and she often wears a sweet smile. Lanny does not wear very much makeup, since it draws attention to her eyes. However, her eye lashes are long and thick on their own. She tends to wear normal clothing, enjoying her usual colorful tank tops and skinny jeans or jean shorts. She only has a few pair of shoes since she never found much interest in them. However, she often doesn't wear shoes. She likes the feel of the ground beneath her feet. And because of her lack of wearing shoes, her feet are cut and calloused on the bottom.
Lanny stands at an "adorable" height of about 5'1". She's rather short and hates this. However, all of her old friends thought she was adorable because of her freckles and petite height.
General build:
Lanny has quite the hour-glass figure. Her weight is average but she carries it in a way that gives her that coveted tiny waist. She isn't very muscular, but she is actually rather strong. Even though she doesn't have any visible muscle, she packs quite a bit of force behind her punches and attacks.
Lanny is a sweet, nature loving, strong girl. She loves nature, hiking, walking through the forest, swimming in lakes, being around animals, and simply being outside. She loves flowers and trees and often climbs trees if they're around. These attributes to her personality is what makes her "girly" in a sense. However, she doesn't like shopping or cities or flirting or anything like that. Lanny has a great love for sports. (But mostly because they're outside) She is very sweet and kind to everyone, believing that no matter who you are you deserve to be treated kindly. However, if someone is rude to her or anyone she cares about, she is ruthless, harsh and just plain mean. She has this odd ability to "read" people. She is able to study how people walk, talk, and interact. She uses this information to find their "secret fear". This knowledge she gains about people often makes them dislike her if they made her angry, for she uses this information in the form of insults and snide remarks to get back at them.
However, if you're nice to Lanny and you don't upset her, she is the sweetest, nicest person you'll meet.
Lanny lived with her mother and father on their farm in a rural part of Pennsylvania. They all got along well, Lanny was home schooled, she had friends, nice neighbors. Everything seemed perfect. That is until her family learned of her abilities. They tried to hide it and keep living their "perfect" lives but Lanny kept shifting around others. Her parents decided that they would put Lanny up for adoption. When Lanny learned of this plan, she ran away. She packed her things like clothes, money and other necessities and left. After a year on her own, she found the Abandoned city. She has been there ever since. However, she misses her old life, her old friends, and what her life was before she found out she was a Shifter.
Lanny was an only child and she lived with her mother and father before...she found out she was a Shifter. Now, after a year away from them and on her own, she hasn't heard from them and she doesn't know where they are or if they are okay. And she openly doesn't care.
Out of all four districts, Lanny has chosen the West District, because it is closer to the lake than all the others. She lives in one story, abandoned house that is right on the outskirts of the city. This gives her great access to the forest and lake, the places she spends most of her time.
The house she has chosen as her own has some old furniture. She has cleaned the place a bit. But it doesn't have electricity. However, it does still have running water. Although, the sink is cracked in two.
Animal form:
Mackenzie Valley Wolf. (Cannis Lupus Occidentalis)

Animal Fur color:
Her fur color is the rare black shade for the Mackenzie Valley Wolf. She has tints of a deep blue and gray throughout her thin coat. Her tail is rather short for a wolf and it's soft and bushy. Her front right paw is white, unlike the rest of her pure black fur.
Animal Eye color:
Her eyes in her animal form are the same shade of purple as her human form.
General Animal Build:
Lanny, in her wolf form, is long and lean. Her limbs are thin, but powerful. She is made for agility and speed. Unlike Arctic wolves, Lanny's coat is thin and shaggy, since she does not live in colder climates.
Lanny loves to climb trees, and one can often find her sitting in one and reading a book.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyca's characters   August 22nd 2010, 12:51 pm

Accepted ^^
Nice detail!

Penelope Yargin, the Red Fox. West District.
"Yes, I do speak sarcasm,"

Grason Michel, the African Lion. South District. King of the Lion Shifters.
"..........I don't talk much.."

Mira Joella, The Indian Desert Cat. North District.
"What do you want?!"

Sean Millers The African Painted Dog. East District.
"Is there a motorcycle shop around here?...No I odn't know how to ride one, why does that matter?"

Bellina Maarx. The Fennec Fox. East District.
"Sure...I'll buy it for you..."
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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: Lyca's characters   August 22nd 2010, 12:52 pm

Thank you ^-^
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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: Lyca's characters   August 22nd 2010, 1:32 pm

Lol, Kailey's B-Day is 19th of November, (I got it, because Missi's B-day is that day)
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PostSubject: Re: Lyca's characters   

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Lyca's characters
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