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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   August 19th 2010, 4:02 pm

Here's the template you'd use to make your character. Please be as descriptive as possible!!

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
General build:
Animal form:
Animal Fur color:
Animal Eye color:

Now, here's an example of a BAD info:
Name: Billy Joe
Age: 14
Birthday: April 2
Gender: Boy
Hair Color: Brown hair
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Height: 6'8"
General build: He weighs 100lbs and is very strong
Personality: Smart, awesome, cool, sweet.
History: He doesn't like to talk about it?
Family: A mom and dad.
Animal form: Dog
Animal Fur color: Brown
Animal Eye color: Blue
Other: None

See how non descriptive that is? It doesn't really help anyone when they're roleplaying. I'll address each subject and mistake to help you more.

Now, here's an example of a BAD info:
Name: Billy Joe
Age: 14
Birthday: April 2
Gender: Boy
Hair Color: Brown hair (It helps to be more descriptive for hair and appearance. How long is his hair? Is it curly or straight? Does it have any other colors in it? By doing this you help to paint a better mental picture for those you're roleplaying with)
Eye Color: Blue eyes (Again, description is key. Are his eyes set close together? Do they have any other colors? Do they sparkle in the light? These things just help)
Height: 6'8" (I know everyone wants to be tall...but seriously?? How many 6'8" people do you meet? LEt alone a 14 year old boy that tall...please keep height realistic!)
General build: He weighs 100lbs and is very strong (Again...someone who is tall and muscular isn't going to weigh 100lbs. If you don't know average weight, you don't have to put a weight. But if you do, please PLEASE keep it as realistic as possible. A more accurate weight for a taller, muscular boy would be around 160lbs. maybe less depending on how tall they are)
Personality: Smart, awesome, cool, sweet. ( one is that amazing. NO ONE! Put some kind of flaw or something! Or just be descriptive. Does your character have a temper? Is he judgmental? Is he shy or too talkative? Something! Just, try and give character flaws and descriptions when making your character's personality.)
History: He doesn't like to talk about it? (Please try and be creative with this history. If you can't think of anything, just put that your character lost his/her memory. But creativity and descriptions are great!)
Family: A mom and dad. (No?! Really?! In this part, I'd like it if you briefly described the relationship with your characters family, if they're still alive, where they are etc.)
Animal form: Dog (Here is our biggest issue. You see, in this forum no two characters have the same shapeshifters animal. So if you put a large category like dog, cat, wolf, horse etc. then no one else can have those animals. So instead of dog..put a breed of dog like a golden retriever. Instead of cat, put a lynx or a lion. Instead of horse, but a blanket appaloosa. Instead of wolf, put timber wolf etc. Please be specific in your animal selection! But if you need help, you can PM me (Angel). I'll give you some suggestions ^^)
Animal Fur color: Brown (Again, description. See "Hair Color")
Animal Eye color: Blue (Same thing...again. See "Eye Color")
Other: None (You don't have to have an other. So if you don't have anything else to put then just put 'None'. If you have something that doesn't go under any of the above categories, then put it here.)

I know this seems like a lot, but you have others here to help you. Look at their characters, see their descriptions, get some ideas. Or ask me (Angel) for help! I'm friendly, and I can't bite over the computer xD

Make a topic under "Rules and Information" and title it:
"YOURNAME'S Characters"
Post your finished characters there, wait for approval, then begin your roleplay!!
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Character Template
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