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 Untitled's Characters

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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Untitled's Characters   August 20th 2010, 7:05 pm

Name: Porosus Maze
Age: 29
Birthday: 7th November, 1980
Gender: Male

Hair Color: Chestnut brown and is mostly kept in a braided tail that runs down till between hus shoulders. A leather band at the end keeps the braid together. When it is not braided the hair reaches the lower part of his back.
Eye Color: Porosus has a set of sharp, predatory looking eyes. They have a dark green colour and seem to be focoused all of the time. His pupil is slitted like a reptile's pupil. Around his eyes the skin is a bit more scale like then actual skin. Across his left eye are four scars, though he has no lost vision in that eye
Height: Around 6.2 ft.
General build: Standing around the six ft and having a rather muscular build Porosus does stands a bit out physical. His muscles are more slender then bulky so Porosus doesn't has a broad body build. Though some might define him as handsome with his long, straight, brown hair and green eyes that seem to glow with energy. He has a sharp jawline that almost gives him a predatory look. Mostly he is seen with an amused smirk on his face. The pale scars across his left eye to stand out on his tanned skin colour. On his back is a line of osteoderms, like a crocodile.

As for clothing Porosus sticks with his clothing he used to wair back at Australia. A long sleeved white shirt and sometimes a leather vest. a pair of black jeans with a brown belt. brown boots are his most common choice of footwear. Even being a crocodile, Porosus has no problems with leather. As long he is not the reptile that is being skinned.

Personality: Porosus is one those people you might call "laidback". Events just come and go like pieces of wood in a river and Porosus just hangs on to those he deems interesting and lets go after he gets bored. That trait of his has proven to be disastrous in some occasions. Especially because Porosus loves a gamble once in a while and has a knack to get in debt with the wrong persons. Well, luckily he can hide out in the sewers as a crocodile until everything blows over.

Gambling is not the only thing he likes. Having a drink and chatting with a lovely lady is also among them. Ofcourse he doesn't has much of succes because of the crocodile osteoderms on his back. Oh well, he is confident that some day he'll meet a woman that likes reptiles.

Altough he is laidback, this is due to his intelligence. Porosus hasa rather keen mind and falls back on observation and analysis. He finds the human mind fascinating and knows a person's personality rather good after a few conversations. Ofcourse Porosus doesn't knows them through and through but enough to get an opinion about a person.

He doesn't find it appalling at al to hunt and eat while shifted in his animal shape. The memories of taking a live doesn't make him shiver at all. It is the way of the world. Ofcourse he is not a cold blooded killer that runs around, shifted as an animal, killing everything that he encounters. Porosus only does that in order to survive.
History: As a baby everyone noticed the osteoderms and the scale like hide around his eyes immidiately. The doctors said it was a skin condition and nothing severe. Besides for that nothing important happened until he was around fourteen. Porosus was swimming in the public pool until he felt very weird. When going to the side of the pool, he noticed everyone was fleeing. Porosus looked around what it was and noticed that his body changed into a crocodile. Before he knew what happened he changed back to his normal self. Quickly Porosus ran back home. Luckily everyone was panicking so they didn't notice what had happened.

A series of experiments began. When focusing hard on the shape of a crocodile causes the shift to take place, when in water the shift comes like a reflex. he kept it his secret. Until he had complete control over his shifting powers, Porosus refrained from swimming with his friends. Around his twenty four Porosus had finished university with a degree in psycology. And he was in complete control of his crocodile side, sometimes while swimming the temptation was still big but mostly he could ignore it.

After a year Porosus ends up getting huge debts with gambling and not being able to pay them off. So he decided to change into a crocodile and live in the zoo for a while. Six months passed and Porosus decided it was time to sneak out. On a day he heard about a place where other Shifters lived together, though it was a myth. Porosus decided to check it out and ended in the abondoned city.
Family: Patrick Maze - Father
Stephanie Dice - Mother
District: West

Animal form: Saltwater Crocodile
Animal Fur color: Well, the correct term would be scales since he is a reptile. the colours varie from green to light brown, without a pattern.
Animal Eye color: It is the same eyes in his human form.
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PostSubject: Re: Untitled's Characters   August 20th 2010, 7:07 pm


Penelope Yargin, the Red Fox. West District.
"Yes, I do speak sarcasm,"

Grason Michel, the African Lion. South District. King of the Lion Shifters.
"..........I don't talk much.."

Mira Joella, The Indian Desert Cat. North District.
"What do you want?!"

Sean Millers The African Painted Dog. East District.
"Is there a motorcycle shop around here?...No I odn't know how to ride one, why does that matter?"

Bellina Maarx. The Fennec Fox. East District.
"Sure...I'll buy it for you..."
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Untitled's Characters
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