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 Shifters 101

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PostSubject: Shifters 101   August 19th 2010, 4:02 pm is where I'll go over the general information and rules about being a shifter.

1. A Shifter only has two forms...their human form and their ONE animal form

2. I know that if one character has a lion for their animal form and the other has a gazelle it seems like the lion could eat the gazelle. WRONG! Shifter blood tastes different because of the genetic structure. So you are not able to eat other characters..

3. It is sometimes hard to control your shifting ability.

4. There are people out there trying to discover them.

5. No two shifters have the same animal form, even if they are related.

6. Shifters can talk to other shifters whether they are in animal form or not. However, they can not talk to normal animals in animal form. Shifters are able to talk to humans in human form though.

The Shifters are a rare form of human, animal hybrid. During birth, a baby goes through genetic construction. The Shifters genes did not grow all the way, giving them the ability to shift into an animal. They are where the myth of werewolves came from. Throughout the years, people and scientists have been trying to prove that Shifters do exists, but they remain allusive.
The Shifters have always been on the run, fleeing and moving from place to place to conceal their secret. But now, the opportunity of the Abandoned City has come about. As numbers in the Abandoned City have multiplied, they have been drawing attention from the scientists who go to study the aftermath of the recent earthquake that occurred. They have been trying to capture Shifters and study them for years, but will they succeed?
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Shifters 101
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