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 District Leaders

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PostSubject: District Leaders   August 20th 2010, 3:04 pm

South District Leader:
ChivanChang's Riley (Black Tiger)
North District Leader:
Music's Niki (White Tiger)
East District Leader:
Wouter's Kyosuke (Sea Turtle)
West District Leader:
Dean's Dean (Snow Leopard)

These are your District leaders...know them, obey them, roleplay with them! Not sure if these are permanent or not, it depends how well the District Leaders do at their jobs.

But let's congratulate them anyway! xD

Penelope Yargin, the Red Fox. West District.
"Yes, I do speak sarcasm,"

Grason Michel, the African Lion. South District. King of the Lion Shifters.
"..........I don't talk much.."

Mira Joella, The Indian Desert Cat. North District.
"What do you want?!"

Sean Millers The African Painted Dog. East District.
"Is there a motorcycle shop around here?...No I odn't know how to ride one, why does that matter?"

Bellina Maarx. The Fennec Fox. East District.
"Sure...I'll buy it for you..."
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District Leaders
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