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 How to Roleplay

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay   August 19th 2010, 3:55 pm

How to roleplay is rather simple. You's just like writing a book with other people! Here's a few examples of what NOT to do..

Bob smiled.

The gurl lghed @ the othr dude. then they both died.

i smile and look around "Who r u?" i ask

Okay...those are pretty bad roleplaying skills. (I've seen things like this before..)
Here's the problems they each have:

1- It's boring...Simple as that! This is an example of a "one line reply" It's hard to reply to and it's just sad...This doesn't make for good roleplay. Here's what it should look like:
"Bob grinned widely and nodded his head. He tipped his water bottle to his lips, feeling the cool water slide down his throat. He gave a satisfactory sigh, capping the bottle once again."
You see how much better that is? It's more descriptive and makes it easier for the other to reply.

2- This is an example of "chat speak" as well as controlling. First, I'll deal with "chat speak". Since this is a literate actually have to type out your words. short cuts, abbreviations, or acronyms. Just type out the words.
Now, the second problem is controlling. You see, this person chose to have both their character and their partner's die. But you can't kill another person's character unless they want you to. It's not just dying this applies to. Another person isn't even allowed to make your character blink unless you want them to. That's just how it works.
Here's the revised version:
"The female laughed lightly, looking over at her friend. She then felt a stabbing pain in her heart and soon she fell to the ground, taking in her final breath. As the life faded out of her, she silently wished that she didn't have to die alone."
Although it is cheesy, this is correct. It's literate and gives the opportunity for your partner to either kill their character as well, or to have them live.

3- This one is rather simple. This is just a problem on punctuation and spelling. If you misspell something just edit your post with the "Edit" button. And if you're not sure about punctuation, simply try your best. But a little tip...sentences have periods at the end.
Here's the revised version:
"I glanced around nervously, feeling my palms sweating a bit. "Who are you?" I asked, my eyes wide with fear.
See how much better that is? now that I've taught you how to roleplay...let me tell you something else.

Some roleplay forums have rules about past tense or first person. While I personally prefer using third person with past tense, you don't necessarily have to. You can roleplay third person and present tense, past tense...whatever. As long as it makes sense it doesn't matter. (But you will get brownie points if you roleplay third person, past tense. x3 )

More rules, yay!...

Please use ooc: and bic: when's just easier to understand.

ooc: We should make them fight!
bic: Jim scowled, his hostile expression showed his agitation.

ooc: We should! ...I'm hungry xP
bic: Bob chuckled with a grin, seeing Jim's obvious contempt for him. He shook his head. "Do you really want to take me on?" he taunted, his green eyes gleaming.

See how easy that is to follow? x3
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How to Roleplay
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