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 Wouter's char

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PostSubject: Wouter's char   August 19th 2010, 10:39 pm

Name: Kyosuke Mitsunara
Age: 90
Birthday: 11 March
Gender: Male

Hair: His hair looks long and messy and looks as if someone put seaweed on his head. The dark green color might probably be the cause of that. He also has a long green beard, one of the many things that show how old he really is.

Eye Color: Deep blue eyes,legends say if you look long enough you can see part of the ocean in his eyes.
Height: 5'1

General build: Nothing special actually, just a regular build for a man of his age. Due to his back he might walk weird sometimes but this is understandable as well. He's pretty fit for his age and is quite thin.

Personality: A kind old man that tries to share his wisdom with the rest of the world. Always looking for more knowledge and looking for interesting people. Even though he's kind he can get pissed off pretty fast if they disturb his favorite tv show: Beach Girls. Yes he's sensitive when it comes to pretty women and often tries to hit on them despite his age.


Kyosuke always loved the ocean as a kid as he often went there to go swimming. He was part of a small family consisting of his mom, dad and his grandpa. His whole family lived in a small farm and that's how they earned their money. Even though he was alone most of the time he didn't get bored quickly.His childhood was peaceful which made him grow up without worries.

At a certain point of his life his dad asked him a very important question."Kyosuke I won't be here forever will you continue my work here at the farm?" Kyosuke was shocked by the sudden question and started thinking about it. Was he going to follow his dad's footsteps or live his own?

His dream had always been some job involving the ocean. But he knew that his dad would really like him to become a farmer.As days passed and he grew older he was helping out at the farm and went swimming when most of the work was done. He kept doing this for years till that certain day.

It all began as an ordinary day, he worked on the field till around 6 pm and went swimming after. As he was swimming he felt a strange feeling down his spine, it was as if something was growing on his back. He also felt like he was shrinking slowly.Panicked as he was he tried to swim back to the shore, Kyosuke thought the water was causing this so tried to get out as fast as he could.Kyosuke swimming speed was increasing significantly due to his hands slowly morphing. The hard material on his back was growing fast and formed into a shell like shape. Before reaching the shore he wasn't recognizable anymore as he was completely transformed into a sea turtle.

Nobody knows what happened after his first transformation since he never talked about it much. But we know that he managed to master the power of his transformation and now rules the East District.

Family: (See History)

Animal form: Sea Turtle of the Chelonia mydas family

Animal Fur color: His skin turns into light green color and the shell surrounding his body is made up of a darker green color.

Animal Eye color: His eyes don't change in the transforming process they remain as they were in his human form

Other: He often carries a long staff made of old wood with him,he says it's brings him good luck and helps him from falling when he walks around.

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PostSubject: Re: Wouter's char   August 20th 2010, 5:46 am



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Wouter's char
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